🙄 What better way to end the night that log into a Youth Hockey Virtual call… eh.

☕ Don’t have to work today but the dogs wanted to get up early so here I sit drinking coffee.

🍿 Inside Out 2 (2024) - ★★★★☆ Family Movie night at an actual theater. This was a good movie and I think everyone mostly enjoyed it even our oldest. Also, what is not to like as it has hockey in it 🏒

Inside Out 2 poster

🎥 Time for an actual in theater movie…

🎾 Let’s just say I got schooled in driveway pickleball tonight… I want to do some rules research as I think my kids were making it up in the fly. However, I finally started getting the hang of it and beat my son in one game…. 🫣 Rematch!

👨‍💻 It is nice to be back working from the “shed” office today.

🙃 Earning my volunteer hours today for Swimming as I had to troubleshoot connecting the livestream to the cameras due to some IP issues.

🏀 Early morning for a basketball tournament today. Last games of the season for the Thunder!

😴 When I work up this morning I think all the traveling and late nights had caught up to me as I was exhausted.

😵‍💫 I am at my car ready to drive home from the Airport exactly 19 hrs since I left the cab in Portland, ME when I was timing myself to see how fast I could get through security. 😅

✈️ Final leg of the day we are just pushing off which is exciting as this morning I really wasn’t sure I was going to make it to this point by the end of the day.

🛫 Finally after over 12hrs I have left the airport and heading to yes... Another Airport but at least I am flying and flying in the right direction.

📺 Sugar (2024) - ★★★★☆

Really liked this show and I don’t think I would have started watching it if it wasn’t from the suggestion of @canion. I enjoyed how they doubled down on the story with old movies and stuff. Started it this past Sunday and finished it with all my flight/travel time.

Sugar poster

❓ “What are you doing?” asks… - Well, I guess I am still in the same airport I was about 11 hrs ago… and counting…🤨🫣😵😑😖🫥

🫠 Well this day isn’t getting much better. I am on the fence that I should just take a cab back to my office here to get more work done than sitting here in the airport. I am sure I should as this flight will get delayed again but I am going to try to sit here and be productive.

😑 Well this day is going to get interesting… We are getting off the plane now until the mechanics come and fix the issue. Where are these people were they not at work yet?

🖥️ After all that work getting through the airport and boarding quickly for nothing as they have to swap out a computer in the aircraft. So here we sit… Wonder if this is going to screw up my connection 😬

⏱️ Early morning flying today but waiting for a taxi took longer than expected at the hotel. However, I wasn’t all worried as getting through the airport is quick. In fact I timed myself from the point I stepped out of the cab till I got through security and was in front of my gate. It took 6 min 49 seconds.

☕ Already got a run in today and now I need to search for some coffee on this property.

🎶 Not going to lie I am not at all upset by this Uber drivers choice in music…

🛫 Time to head out traveling for a couple days.. See you soon Boston!

🏀 Championship basketball game this morning… Let’s go Thunder!

🏀 Who is ready for a night of basketball.. 🙋‍♂️

🏒 Watching some hockey… Obviously but this time my nephew. Older boys hockey is Fast!

🧢 I used to only be a casual running hat wearer until two people in the same year gifted me one and now I have been wearing them all the time. However, this morning I forgot it and feel naked… 😰